We are proud to have been delivering quality client service for 6 years. In order to offer you more comprehensive professional services, we are now offering IN THE FLESH environmental advice you deserve, in exchange for a referral.

How does this work?

Step 1 – Contact us to schedule a site visit 

Step 2- A team member from KCM will visit your site and with the aid of KCM’s compliance checklist, we will offer FREE advice on how to improve environmental quality and avoid penalties for non-compliance. Advice will also be given on identifying areas where process improvements may be made. 

Step 3- Once the site visit is complete our team member will request that you offer us a referral. Details of referral can be submitted via email/or to our team member before they leave your site.  

What’s in it for you?

1. Improved environmental performance

2. Better protection of workers and the community-at-large

3. Savings in production costs from cutting down raw materials losses, pollution control costs, and generation of wastes

N.B. The checklist does not seek to address every issue or requirement but rather to highlight areas of compliance. The checklist is designed solely to aid in environmental compliance advise.  

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