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About KCM Environmental

The environmental compliance of Industries continues to be among the main concerns in South Africa. Industry can use environmental monitoring programs to assist in addressing it’s environmental responsibilities and it’s responsibility as a local community member. This type of performance monitoring enables industrial plants to be managed in an environmentally sustainable manner and to the requirements of the National Environmental Management Act (NEMA). Additionally, the data obtained from environmental monitoring can be useful in the design and implementation of clean technology systems and assist with identifying waste minimisation opportunities, leading to cost savings.

Level 1 BEE Contributor

KCM Environmental Services (Pty) Ltd is a level 1 BEE contributor and 100% black owned private company. It seeks to address the air quality requirements of industry. We are ideally based in Cornubia Industrial Park, North of Durban, which is in close proximity to the King Shaka Airport hence we are able to deliver our services nationally with ease. KCM Environmental specialises in monitoring air, water, noise and soil pollution and serves any organisation that requires these services.

Mission statement

Our mission is to be a trusted provider of air related environmental services. We aspire to exceed client expectations by providing accurate, relevant and timely measurements of air pollutants. Our goal is to impart exceptional quality and value in meeting clients’ needs and fulfilling legal requirements in support of South Africa’s National Environmental Management Act for the protection of public health.


KCM Environmental

“Striving to become a fully-fledged environmental services provider to assist the private and public sector to comply with their legal requirements. “

- KCM Environmental