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Stack Emissions Testing

KCM Environmental provides professional stationary source emissions testing services of any size and complexity. Our sophisticated equipment as well as experienced staff ensures a premier service for our clients. We strive to make all test methods and data available which ensure complete transparency and leaves clients feeling confident that they have test results of integrity. We specialize in source emission testing of boilers, burners, incinerators and various other manufacturing processes. We work together with government regulations to ensure that the data and format of reports are to the satisfaction of all parties.

Source emission testing is conducted for various reasons, some of which include:

• Compliance with testing requirements as described in atmospheric emission license and government regulations

• The development of precise Emission Inventories and Emission Factors

• To design and implement clean air technology systems

• To determine pollutant impacts from specific sources

• Air Pollution Modelling

Stack sampling test methods follow various procedures and techniques. There are numerous recognised test methods for measuring industrial stack emissions, of which…

KCM Environmental uses the following: