We Perform
Compliance Monitoring
KCM Environmental Services is a private environmental consultancy that performs compliance monitoring to assess whether organisations operate within environmental regulations.

Environmental Testing

Stack Emissions Testing

We specialize in source emission testing of boilers, burners, incinerators and various other manufacturing processes.

Ambient Air Monitoring

KCM Environmental assists clients to meet their legal requirements in terms of the National Environmental Management: Air Quality Act, No.39 of 2004 to monitor ambient air.

Dust Fallout Monitoring

KCM Environmental Services follows the American Society for Testing and Materials Standard method for the collection and analysis of dust fall out (ASTM D1739:1970)

Environmental Noise Sampling

We perform these surveys in accordance with SANS 10103:2008, “The Measurement and Rating of Environmental Noise with respect to Annoyance and to Speech Communication.”
About Us
Founded in 2014, KCM Environmental Services has grown considerably since interception. With more than a decade of experience in the environmental monitoring and compliance field from our team, our footprint covers industries across South Africa.
Our Values

  • We provide our services in a manner that is proficient, considerate and approachable.
  • We make a difference by working together with all stakeholders to build trust, networks and partnerships to deliver positive outcomes.
  • We strive continuously for improvement and excellence through learning and development.
  • Integrity that promotes trust and open communication.
  • Pride in work that result from accountability and ownership.



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