We Offer

Founded in 2014, KCM Environmental Services has grown considerably since interception. With more than a decade of experience in the environmental monitoring and compliance field from our team, our footprint covers industries across South Africa.

What We Do

• Ambient air monitoring
• Dust fallout monitoring
• Environmental noise monitoring
• Isokinetic stack emission testing
• Air emission license application/ NAEIS/
SAAELIP online submission and inventory
• Diesel vehicle emission testing

• Water sampling
• Waste management plan
• Air dispersion modeling
• Registered safety officer with SACPCMP –
CHSO 2156/2018

Our clients can feel confident that we deliver accurate results and quality services.

We achieve this by:
• Implementing a quality management system.

• Our testing and reporting is performed solely by Trained Professionals.

• We only use laboratories that are SANAS accredited.

• Our highly sophisticated equipment has been imported from the USA and Germany and conforms to the methods outlined by the Air Quality Act.

• We were placed second in the country for the SAB Kickstart Boost Program in 2018 out of 3000 applicants.

Additional Environmental Services Offered 

• Environmental Impact Assessments i.e. 

o Basic Assessments, and

 o Scoping and Environmental Impact Reports 

• Environmental Management Programmes • Section 24(g) applications 

• Water Use License Applications • Environmental Screening and Feasibility Assessments 

• Environmental Site Assessments • Mining Permits • Additional Permits i.e. DAFF, Heritage, etc.

• Maintenance Management Programmes 

• Appointment and Management of Specialist Studies 

•Environmental Compliance Monitoring (ECO services) 

• Environmental Induction Training

 All environmental services will be undertaken in strict accordance with the relevant Environmental Legislations. KCM Environmental will provide experienced handling and management of all aspects of the abovementioned environmental services. We also have access to a variety of specialists to support the environmental services we undertake.