KCM Environmental has access to a wide range of environmental specialists to support the various processes we undertake. These include:

  • Wetland, Riparian and aquatic specialists,
  • Vegetation and alien plant control specialists,
  • Heritage and archaeological Specialists,
  • Hydrological and Geohydrological specialists,
  • Stormwater management and flood line specialists

KCM conducts Compliance Monitoring in accordance with the National Environmental Management Act (Act 107 of 1998) and the EIA Regulations, 2014 (as amended 2017). The audit report will be prepared in accordance with Appendix 7 of the NEMA: EIA Regulations, 2014 (as amended in 2017) and the requirements of the relevance license / authorisations.

KCM undertakes Induction and /or environmental awareness training in accordance with the requirements of the proposed site. The training material and presentation will be compiled in accordance with the requirements of the EA, WULA, EMP/EMPr and additional licenses and/or permits applicable to the site.