The Minister of Employment and Labour signed a Direction in terms of section 10(8) of the National Disaster Regulations that provides for measures employers and employees are required to adhere to at this time. The Direction recognizes that there are sector-specific measures that will need to be considered, and provision is accordingly made for sector guidelines to supplement the Direction.

With the guidance of the stipulated Direction, KCM has adopted the following workplace protocol ensuring the health and safety of all staff members and direct personal:

  1. Our workplace has been arranged to ensure that employees are at least 2 meters apart to prevent the possible transmission of the virus
  2. Sick or employees with COVID-19 like symptoms are not permitted to work and are requested to immediately contact the hotline: 0800 02 9999 for instruction and to act in accordance with these instructions
  3. Employees are to wear cloth masks, or some form of cloth covering their mouths and noses while at work
  4. Employees are to keep hand sanitizers at their workspace or use soap and clean water to wash their hands, and are required to disinfect their workstations regularly
  5. Employees, walk ins, and clients are to be screened (temperature check) upon arrival and details of each are to be recorded
  6. Appropriate COVID-19 related precaution signage has been placed in and around the workplace

KCM understands that a contravention of the Direction places the employer at risk of enforcement proceedings under OHSA, and the offences and penalties set out in section 38 of OHSA will apply. We assure you that we have fully adjusted to the “new norm”. We will continue to successfully deliver our well-founded service and maintain the trust we have developed in this competitive industry.


Best regards,

The KCM Team

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